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NEWS... Last modified February 6, 2015

2015 NGAUA's training schedule (New)
Click here for our training page NOTICE Training for March 3rd, Tuesday, has been canceled!!!

2014 NGAUA Meeting Lockheed Elementary January 26th 2pm
NGAUA's Kickoff meeting will be held at Lockheed Elementary January 26, 2pm. Uniform sales will be available before the meeting at 1:30. 2pm will start the ASA National Qualifier Clinic. Following the National Clinic NGAUA will presentation the 2013 awards, news and information. This meeting is mandatory for all NGAUA softball umpires. NGAUA registration will start at 1:30.

2014 Welcome Letter to Georgia ASA Umpires
All Georgia Umpires should download the 2014 Welcome Letter from Georgia ASA Assistant Umpire-in-Chief, Rick Hearn. In the letter, Rick recaps the 2013 season from the umpire perspective, outlines the focus for 2014 and recaps the upcoming umpiring training events.

2014 Umpire Season Starts with State Clinic on January 25
The 2014 season is less than a month away for umpires. The 2014 season starts off with the State Umpire Clinic to be held Saturday, January 25 at Greystone Power in Douglasville, GA. Registration is $10 at the door. registration will start at 8:30 a.m. and the clinic will start at 9:00 a.m. The clinic will focus on areas of emphasis or 2014, the 2014 rule and mechanic changes and awards for umpires for their 2013 achievements. This is MUST for all umpires in Georgia. See you in Douglasville on January 25th!

2014 State Georgia ASA Umpire Camp Set for February 1
Georgia ASA Umpires Camp to be held Saturday Feruary 1at Central Park in Cumming, GA. Umpire Camp Fee is $30, which includes lunch and a camp t-shirt.. Download the 2014 Camp Registration Form. Contact Jim Hiett with any questions.

ASA 2013 Rules Changes are Available
The new ASA playing rules changes for 2013, with comments, are now available.  Among other changes, the 14u fast pitching distance has been moved to 43 feet.  For a full list of the 2013 changes click here.  Remember our local rules might overrule ASA championship rules.

Welcome 2013 NGAUA Board
The elections have been completed, and we officially swore in our new 2013 board members at the banquet.  Your board s are: Bobby Streetmon, Alan Brown, Mike Moran, Glenn Stewart, Lamar Meers, Shane Head, David Huiel, Mike Osborne, Michael Scott, and Chip Warren.

Bob Earwood is inducted into Georgia ASA's Hall of Fame during Georgia ASA's 2012 State Clinic
These are exciting times, this year we saw one of our own inducted into Georgia ASA's Hall of Fame.  Bob Earwood joined the likes of Bobbie Ragland, Earl Morris, Dick Gayler, Graybill Daniel, and Jim Herring with his 2012 Hall of Fame induction.  It was a great honor to see one of our own inducted into a truly prestige group of umpires.    

NGAUA was well represented during Georgia ASA's 2012 State Clinic - 2011 Award Ceremony
Individual NGUAU umpires were also recognized at every level of Georgia ASA.  Warner Lombard received the honor of being named the Georgia ASA district 21’s Umpire of the year.   Mike Moran continued the streak by receiving the honor of being named Georgia ASA Zone 1’s Umpire of the year.  The streak didn’t end there. Once again a NGAUA umpire takes the top honor of Georgia ASA’s Umpire of the year, Lee Gray received this honor for 2011. Congrats!!!!

2012 ASA Rule and Code Changes
The ASA National Office has published the 2012 ASA Rule Changes which went into effect January 1, 2012. The rule changes include (but are not limited to) extending the base distance in men's slow pitch to 70 feet, the legal use of senior bats in the senior slow game,  pitch, clarification on grip tape used on bats and the outlawing of heating/warming devices for bats. As always, ASA rules are written for ASA Championship Play. Teams should always check with their league directors and tournament directors to understand what rules will be in play in a specific game. ASA also has updated the 2012 changes to the ASA Code.

2012 Training schedule has been updated
Looks like another busy year. Check out the training schedule for NGAUA training dates. (click here)

2011 NGAUA Board Election Results
Congratulations to the 2012 NGAUA Board Members who were voted into office by NGAUA members at its annual election on October 18. The 2010 NGAUA Board is as follows:

President Bobby Streetmon
Vice-President Alan Brown
Treasurer Mike Moran
Coordinator Glenn Stewart
Recording Secretary Lamar Meers
Member at Large Shane Head
Member at Large
Shawn Shumacher
Member at Large David Huiel
Member at Large Micheal Scott
Member at Large Dean Mills

NGAUA was Honored to Umpire the Special Olympics Tournament
In Jerry Watkins' words, "I have had the honor of umpiring this group of incredible atheletes for several years. Each one is an inspiration to me. Thank you!!!!" (Click here for 2011 pictures)

National Association of Sports Officials (NASO) Conference was a Huge Success
Dr. Swearngin, Barry Mano, and I appreciate your help with this important matter.  Information from your officials' completed surveys will provide valuable information to help make future Officiate GA Days and NASO Summits better. (click here for survey)

GHSA votes to expand to six Classifications
The GHSA’s Executive Committee voted in favor of expanding from the existing structure of five classifications to six. It will take effect in fall 2012. (Click here for the full story)

NGAUA has Five Umpires Participate in ASA 2010 Post Season
NGAUA has five umpires participate in two different ASA post season events. To see a list of all the events and umpires check out NGAUA's ASA page.

NGAUA has Eighteen Umpires Participate in GHSA 2010 Post Season
Another great year, NGAUA has eigthteen umpires participate in five different GHSA pre and post season events. To see a list of all the events and umpires check out NGAUA's GHSA page.

Sheppard Center’s Wheelchair Softball Tournament
Jerry Watkins, Deans Mills, and Jim Rollins had the pleasure of umpiring the Sheppard Center’s Wheelchair Softball Tournament.   Based on the pictures, it looks like they had a great time.    Click here to review Jerry’s pictures.

Do you know your ASA Courtesy Runner and DP Flex Rules?
With ASA Qualifiers just around the corner, do you know your Courtesy Runner and DP/Flex rules cold?  How about lineup management in general?  If it rains could someone pickup your game using only your lineup card notes?  For a quick refresher course you might want to review the “Lineup management NFHS ASA" PowerPoint presentation from cactus umpire’s web site.  Slide 28 starts the Courtesy Runners, and slide 49 starts the Flex/DP portion. (Click here for a frame's version)

NGAUA Rainout Number
Not sure if your games are on because of the weather? Then call the NGAUA Rainout Number. Don't call Glenn! Glenn will be busy talking to the parks. He'll leave all the cancellation information on a recording that you may access by calling 770-443-2742.

This number also serves as the NGAUA fax line. So if the modem answers, that means there are no cancellations at this time. Also, never assume your game is canceled. Atlanta weather can be funny. It may be raining where you are and perfectly dry down the road at the park. Also, many of the parks we serve have excellent drainage and outstanding ground crews. So, make the call to the rainout number.

Background Checks Mandatory and Eligibility Cards Must Be Signed
All NGAUA umpires must fill out a Background Check Form  and pass a background check to be eligible to join NGAUA each year. Please get your background check filled out and into the NGAUA board ASAP so you will be eligible to umpire on the field. After your check has been completed and passed, you must attend a meeting to SIGN for your eligibility card. They WON'T be mailed to you.

Park Addresses Now Posted For GPS/Web Directions
NGAUA now lists the Addresses For All Its Parks on This is a great reference sheet if you use a GPS device or a Web site for driving directions. This list will be available on the Park Directions page and the Forms page.

Umpire Code of Ethics
ASA umpires are professional umpires. We get paid to umpire amateur athletes. As individual professionals, we have a responsibility to the players, fans, other umpires, our associations, ASA and ourselves to meet a high standard of professionalism both on and off the field. All Georgia ASA Umpires are expected to know and follow the Georgia ASA Umpire Code of Ethics. Georgia ASA takes this very seriously. Umpires not following this document may be brought in front of the Georgia ASA disciplinary committee and are subject to disciplinary action. Any questions regarding this code, please contact Jimmy Derrick.

New ASA Banned Bat List
Quick ... check the ASA banned bat list you bring to every game (you do bring a bat list to every game, right?!?) ... what's the date on it?  ASA updated the bat list at the end of February. Click on the Forms link on the left side of the page to get the up-to-the-minute ASA Banned Bat List. There is also a link to the up-to-the-minutes ASA Banned Bat List w/ Pictures so you'll know what the banned bats look like.

I Want to Be in Cyberspace
Have you achieved a new level in ASA Medals Program, or been honored into the NIF, ISF or ASA Elite programs? Did you work postseason in ISA, USSSA, ASA in GHSA in 2006 and don't see your name on Then let us know. Send an e-mail to our Webmaster and we'll get your name in Cyberspace.


Founded in 1954, North Georgia Amateur Umpire Association (NGAUA) has been providing quality softball umpires to Cobb County and metro Atlanta for 51 years. With 160 umpires registered in 2003, NGAUA is one of Atlanta's largest umpire associations, with some of the best fast pitch, slow pitch, and modified pitch umpires in Atlanta.

Each year NGAUA sends umpires to ASA National Championships, and USSSA and ISA World Tournaments. NGAUA also has many Georgia High School Association umpires, many of whom have worked sectional tournaments and state championships. Several NGAUA umpires are working NCAA fast pitch softball; including SEC, ACC, Atlantic Sun conferences.

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